SASCO celebrates 30 years of establishment – Magical journey

21 - 07 - 2023

Turning to a new page, SASCO is ready to look to the future, walking side by side for the strong development journey of Vietnam's aviation service industry.

At the beginning of the 90s of the last century, the whole country carried out renovation, the Southern Airports Service Company (SASCO, now Tan Son Nhat Aviation Services Joint Stock Company) separated from the government management, taking the first independent steps on the journey to becoming a leading brand in airport services and building Vietnamese airlines closer to international standards.

From the "first note" were the small services of the airport at that time, the pioneers of SASCO opened many types of "non-aviation services" - a concept that was still quite foreign in the 1990s. Starting with the first duty-free shop system in Vietnam, SASCO continues to open other services right at Tan Son Nhat airport such as Airport Taxi, petrol, drinking water...

Speaking at the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Tan Son Nhat Aviation Services Joint Stock Company (SASCO), Mr. Johnathan Hanh Nguyen - Chairman of Sasco's Board of Directors shared that 1993 - a major milestone of Vietnam's civil aviation industry when take the first independent steps in business.

He said, when the country implemented renovation, industry restructuring, market economy orientation, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam and independent economic units were born one after another. And SASCO was born on the basis of the primitive activities of non-aviation services at that time.

“Being associated with Vietnam's aviation since 1985, especially with SASCO, I have had the opportunity to cooperate from the very first day of its establishment and stand shoulder to shoulder with the company's movements and strategic decisions, in each stage of development in the difficult years of the aviation industry," shared Mr. Hanh Nguyen.

From modest resources of capital, infrastructure and experience, SASCO has made breakthroughs in the field of airport services in Vietnam. In 2015, marking an important milestone, SASCO equitized and quickly adapted to this corporate governance model.

With strong pioneering steps in sustainable business development, SASCO is continuously one of the leading units in terms of productivity, quality, business efficiency, actively contributing to the development of the Corporation. Vietnam Airport Corporation and Vietnam's aviation industry.

“As a strategic shareholder of SASCO, as a member of the Board of Directors and then as Chairman of the Board of Directors, I and the Board of Directors have focused on the highest potential, planning strategies to promote business, improve modernity, professionalism, flexibility, dynamism and always ready for further steps in the international market”, said SASCO President Johnathan Hanh Nguyen.

According to Mr. Hanh Nguyen, SASCO grew from a state-owned enterprise, with a total initial capital of only 9.3 billion VND, of which, mainly old assets, many assets were formed before 1975. After 30 years, SASCO's charter capital has reached nearly 1,335 billion dong, equity reached 1,525 billion dong and contributed thousands of billion dong to the State budget.

“Taking a new page, our goal is not only to be at the forefront of airport service development in Vietnam, but also to bring Sasco's services closer to international leading standards, to compete equally, to contribute the construction of aviation service centers in Vietnam is on par with those of the whole region and the world”, added Mr. Johnathan.

At the same time, he also affirmed that SASCO is ready to look to the future, walking together for the strong development journey of Vietnam's aviation service industry, which is an important foundation contributing to the strength and prosperity of Vietnam.