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BVLGARI was founded by Sotirio Bulgari in 1884 in Sistina, Rome - the capital of Italy. Known as the master in sculpting gemstones and diamonds, BVLGARI is the representation of traditional jewelry sclupting, with a classical sense of style combined with modern perception of art in the 19th century in Italy. 'Intense' is the world to describe BVLGARI. The passion of exploring the mistery of perished era has inspired the story of BVLGARI to continue in many centuries. The creative products at BVLGARI are famous for its architectural, artistic, and artisanal  orientation, in addition to the inspiration from different shapes, the charm of colors and lights combined with the materials of gold, silver and precious gemstones. Creativity of BVLGARI is expressed by paying attention to every smallest detail and seeks for absolute high quality to satisfy the changing demand of the industry.


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