IPP Media was established to help the companies conveying their brand messages to customers through various advertising services at the airports. In the efforts to research on the market and user psychology, IPP Media has never stopped updating the latest advertising trends. Based on that, the unique design ideas have been developed, contributing to increase brand awareness, as well as optimizing advertising budget with the best quality of technology and position at airports.


  • Billboards


    Offer billboards at 33 different locations in Vietnam's major airports suited various choices.

  • Digital Frame/TVC

    Digital Frame/TVC

    Include 85” TV screens, Multi Touch screens, giant LED screens, or Digital Frame which is good in displaying both still frames and hi-res TVCs.

  • Outdoor & indoor LED boxes

    Outdoor & indoor LED boxes

    Fill with 162 LED boxes' positions and still increase each day; 90% of the positions are set up with LED screens along with the most advanced 3D printing technology.

  • Pushing cart marketing

    Pushing cart marketing

    Endow thousands of trolleys annually for better services and advertising and as we are the strategic partner of Vietnam's major airports; this is the best way to deliver to airport passengers messages of the brands we are advertising for; the cost on the other hand is very reasonable.

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