We believe in individual inner-strength of which IPPG position is affirmed. We recognise it's the diversity, creativity, energy, and dedication of the employees that deliver our strength. That is why we never stop investing in our people and empower them getting ahead through this organisation.

Careers at IPPG

  • Take the lead

    Through the fast pace economy as Vietnam's, the only way to achieve is to never stop moving forward. At IPPG, we highly treasure individuals with ambition, trend capture, and unlimited creation. We attempt to deliver ideal workplace for our staffs to develop their full potentials, and the group togetherness gets ahead market trend also leads the market.

  • Respect distinctiveness

    We believe that individuals possess uniqueness that creates diversity. At IPPG, we encourage staffs maintaining their unique identification and keeping coming up with unlimited innovation; togetherness will unlock limitless age for Vietnam in general and individuals in particular. 

Career development

  • Talent Fostering

    Opportunity at IPPG does not only encapsulate in terms of work; with our strategic vision and dedication as a team, we have policies to embrace each member developing and improving themselves.

  • Self Improvement

    IPPG is a multicultural working environment towards international staffs  from either Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, France, or the US. Altogether, we converge on here aiming to dedicate our quintessence of each nation for creating a dynamic working environment alongside opportunities and adventures.

  • Seizing upon

    We welcome you with attractive career opportunities, regardless of who you are: whether an intern, fresh graduate, or an experienced. Please send us your resume as your experience at a dynamic working environment at one of Vietnam's largest corporations is only a few clicks away from you. We believe compensation satisfaction and professional workplace are mandatory for long-term cohesion between organisation and its members.

Why is working at IPPG for everyone?

IPPG development creates great extent jobs pretty much for everyone. As we represent in 6 different industries and 10 sectors which allows us to satisfy your career path on Fashion, F&B, Medias, Entertainment, Business if you have an entrepreneur mindset, or Accounting Finance if you are good at number.