Two IPPG Deputy General Directors Received The Typical Entrepreneur Award

08 - 10 - 2020

Mr. Phillip Nguyen and Ms. Tien Nguyen - Two young entrepreneurs of IPPG received the title HCMC Typical Entrepreneurs of 2020, on October 7.

In celebration of the 16th Vietnamese Entrepreneurs’ Day and honoring outstanding HCMC Enterprises and Entrepreneurs in 2020, taking place on the evening of October 7, Imex Pan Pacific Group (IPPG), headed by billionaire Johnathan Hanh Nguyen, has two honored young entrepreneurs. Including Mr. Phillip Nguyen - Deputy General Director of Project Development and Ms. Tien Nguyen - Deputy General Director of High-end Fashion Development. This is the second time Mr. Phillip Nguyen has received this award. For Ms. Tien Nguyen, being honored for the first time as a Typical Entrepreneur is considered a memorable milestone in the career of a 24-year-old businesswoman.

Mr. Phillip Nguyen - IPPG’s Vice President of Project Development (middle) received the title Typical HCMC Entrepreneur in 2020.

According to the review board, these are dynamic and creative young entrepreneurs who are professional and well-trained, together with the IPPG’s Board of Directors to plan and implement many projects not only in business but also in many other areas such as education, social security and community activities.

Specifically, in 2019, two young entrepreneurs along with the company's management helped this company achieve profit growth of 50% over the previous year, reaching 97% of the plan. In the first 6 months of 2020, the company has reached 105% of the plan, although the epidemic situation has strongly affected the domestic and world economy. Thus far, IPPG has had 35 years of establishment and development in the exclusive field of importing and distributing 108 international brands in Vietnam.


Ms. Tien Nguyen - Vice President of Luxury Fashion Development.

In addition to its outstanding achievements in business activities, IPPG is also an enterprise that actively conducts charitable activities, contributing to community building. These include building houses of gratitude, building schools and housing for students and teachers in remote areas, contributing to the gratitude funds of social programs in the localities, with a total contribution amount of more than 172 billion VND from 2009 to 2019. During the pandemic outbreak earlier this year, Tien Nguyen together with the fund "For The IPPG Community" contributed more than 30 billion VND to the treatment and prevention of Covid-19.

Typical HCMC Enterprise and Entrepreneur Award 2020 was launched from June to August 2020 with 215 participating records. The City People's Committee approves, recognizes and grants the Certificate of Typical Entrepreneurship based on the outstanding achievements in production - business, obtaining good compliance with the law, making a positive contribution to the State budget as well as contributing to the economic - cultural - social development in HCMC in particular and the country in general.