Key messages & actions for Covid-19 prevention at IPPG Office

17 - 03 - 2020

Due to the complicated developments of Covid-19 virus, it has been reported that the virus has become the pandemic in many countries. With that being announced, in order to limit the risk of spreading the decease, and to keep everyone safe, the BOD of IPPG strongly recommend all IPPG staff to comply with the Covid-19 prevention regulations at office, including: 

1/ Wear medical facemask during your working time at the office.

2/ Wash your hand before entering the office.

3/ Actively self-provide some vitamin and get yourself some exercises at home to improve resistance for your body.

4/ Minimize all meetings, gathering events with both colleagues and partners directly.

5/ Actively apply technology to do online meeting, or remotely working.

6/ Actively monitor your health status. And implement public health declaration under government’s constructions.

With the solidarity, the determination and calm attitude to coping with every situation of the Covid-19 decease, IPPG’s BOD has faith and hope in every employee of all subsidiaries & the group itself to overcome this challenging phase and keep moving ahead.