IPPG co-operates with Oracle to renovate centralized management system

27 - 03 - 2019

Along with Oracle and KPMG - IPPG has successfully implemented Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud (ERP Cloud), Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS), Database Cloud Service and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

To honor this special milestone, Oracle and KPMG - specialize in integrated technology softwares, had a ceremony for their first step of implementation to IPPG on 22/3/2019.

IPPG CEO - Mrs. Le Hong Thuy Tien with Mr. Chong Kwang Puay - Managing Partner, representative of KMPG and Mr. Nikhil Parambath, representative of Oracle answering interviews.

One of the most powerful retail corporations and the first corporation to invest in many sectors including luxury fashion, airport retail, fast food, developing and managing shopping malls, real estate,... with over 25,000 employees at 5 different countries, IPPG needs an integrated solution for the Board of Directors to easily manage and oversee the massive financial, goods and inventory database within the business.

Employing the Oracle’s Cloud Services, IPPG can update and gather detailed financial analytic reports of every of their subsidiary anywhere through a congruent system.

“Being a retail and multi-investment corporation, we understand the importance of investing in renovating a suitable centralized management system to sustain developing and expanding the business. Establishing ERP Fusion Cloud helps in authorizing the data, which is a vital action to keep the company running as well as enhancing brand value and prestiges”, Mrs. Le Hong Thuy Tien, President of IPPG shared.


IPPG CEO - Mrs. Le Hong Thuy Tien is proudly be one of the first businesses that implements 4.0 technology

At the event, Mr. Nikhil Parambath, Head of Applications, South Asia Growth Economies (SAGE) at Oracle shared the reason why Oracle partnered with IPPG. “First, the ERP solution of Oracle is the best solution in the world. Second, ERP deal includes all of the necessary modules for solution to a business in general. Today, IPPG is implementing financing technology, but when it comes to procurement, inventory, and transport, Oracle will be in responsible. Third, Forrester Research Inc. also acknowledged that Oracle is the best for providing ERP solution on Cloud, based on Oracle’s claims of other companies’ acknowledgement. In the Magic Quadrant report of Gartner, ERP Cloud application of Oracle is ranked first in the department of crucial financial management solutions for medium-sized, large and global businesses.”

Mr. Nikhil Parambath, representative of Oracle, sharing the reason why IPPG chose Oracle.

Mr. Chong Kwang Puay - Managing Partner, KPMG representative shared: “The adaptation of IPPG has been a long journey and KPMG will always want to partner with IPPG in employing 4.0 technology into their business for developing and maintaining customer relationships. Vietnam’s economy needs more businesses to implement 4.0 technology and especially leading businesses that already applied 4.0 technology as IPPG for the economy to continuously developed. We have always been with IPPG in the past 8 months and we will still continue to be with IPPG. Again, as a representative of KPMG, I would like to congratulate IPPG for successfully Go-live ERP Oracle Fusion Cloud.”

IPPG CEO - Mrs. Le Hong Thuy Tien with Mr. Chong Kwang Puay - Managing Partner, KPMG Representation and Mr. Nikhil Parambath giving awards for the outstanding individuals of “Top Best Users - ERP Oracle Fusion Cloud” Competition.

IPPG’s successful beginning with Oracle’s Cloud Services establishes the importance of “Cloud” in managing business services, especially in Vietnam, encouraging business to utilize the 4.0 technology. Using the service platform (PaaS) of Oracle, businesses can rapidly improve in a cost-efficient way yet still ensure to be a leading company.

With the successful settlement, IPPG will continue to partner with KPMG and Oracle to bring the best experiences to Vietnamese customers.

IPPG President is proudly be one of the first businesses that implements 4.0 technology into their business. ERP Oracle Fusion Cloud is only the beginning of bringing the best experiences to Vietnamese people and in hope to see more IPPG, KPMG and Oracle partnerships.