IPPG cooperates with FPT Fschools to develop AI books

22 - 12 - 2022

At the recent Tech Day 2022 event, Imex Pan Pacific Group (IPPG) signed a cooperation agreement with FPT Fschools system to develop AI books.

According to the cooperation agreement, FPT Fschools will deploy the AI ​​and Robotics program of UBTech - a robotics company that owns many products for consumption and training for students licensed and distributed by IPPG in Vietnam.

 IPPG cooperates with FPT Fschools system to develop AI books.

It is known that while studying at university in London, William Hieu Nguyen - Vice President of IPPG - studied AI Future Intelligent Maker Program on AI education of Dr. Dacheng Tao, a leading young AI scientist, currently a Professor of the University of Sydney. He is a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences, a member of the Australian Academy of Sciences and has won the prestigious Eureka Prize. At the beginning of 2019, Hieu Nguyen contacted a partner UBtech to buy the copyright of the program, including: The equipment, accompanied by the AI ​​Book of Education Artificial Intelligence and Robot technology for high school and high school students University. This program has been implemented by advanced countries and is taught in schools and universities. Along with that, IPPG Group has coordinated with Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City to invite experts in AI, languages, education.

From 2020, IPPG has also sponsored the construction of 02 AI CENTER Education Centers of international standards with modern facilities and equipment to implement the Education Program for students at the National University of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and Da Lat University. So far, both centers have been training AI and Robotic for the thousands of high school students.

IPPG Chairman - Johnathan Hanh Nguyen - speaks at the signing ceremony.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, IPPG Chairman - Johnathan Hanh Nguyen - said that FPT is a leading technology corporation in Vietnam, pioneering in digital transformation, training young generations to practice practical skills, contributing to bringing Vietnam to the world. At the same time, he expressed his pleasure to accompany and cooperate with FPT in bringing AI and Robotics programs to schools in the FPT High School System with tens of thousands of students.

“FPT and IPPG have also agreed to jointly build and organize a Robotics Competition for students from elementary to high school on a nationwide scale. Thereby, directing students to reach international Robotics competitions, forming and developing an AI education ecosystem in the country. At the same time, prepare well for career orientation in the fields of science, technology, artificial intelligence, contributing to improving the construction and creation of high-quality human resources, supporting the development strategy to escape the middle income trap. peace of Vietnam", IPPG Chairman Johnathan Hanh Nguyen shared.