IPPG brought Christian Louboutin back to Vietnam

07 - 08 - 2020

Ms. Tien Nguyen - IPPG Vice President - has successfully negotiated and signed a contract with Christian Louboutin, bringing the iconic red-soled shoes back to Vietnam.

It took Ms. Tien and her professional team nearly a year to finalize the negotiation and signing of the exclusive distribution agreement with Christian Louboutin in the domestic market. Sharing with us, Ms. Tien said that at the end of the business partnership contract with a partner in Vietnam, the luxury shoe brand started to approach DAFC - A member of Imex Pan Pacific Group - founded by Mr. Johnathan Hanh Nguyen.

Realizing that this high-end brand is in line with the company's business direction, she immediately started working with the brand general manager at its parent company in Paris, France. During the negotiation, both sides faced many difficulties in unifying business and marketing strategies. However, after presenting many different brand development tactics and strategies that are suitable for the Vietnamese market, both sides have found a common voice. “In addition, knowing that DAFC has been successful in bringing many international shoe brands to the Vietnamese market, they have accepted our plans and conditions, agreed to cooperate with the spirit of mutual benefits”, Ms. Tien Nguyen said. This is her first project as Vice President of IPP Group's Market Development.

The first Louboutin store was launched at Trang Tien Plaza, Hanoi, got inspired by the brand founder’s apartment in Paris, France. Space looks like a neoclassical, luxurious living room. From precious wood materials, red carpets to the images are followed by the company's high standards worldwide. “I feel proud of completing the first task assigned. My goal is to bring more reputable brands to Vietnam, creating a playground with a major design choice for domestic fashion followers. Especially, this success is more special to me because it satisfied my passion for red-soled shoes from the beginning knowing how to wear high heels”, she said. Tien Nguyen and her team are choosing the business premises to bring Louboutin closer to Ho Chi Minh’s fashionistas.


Boutique Christian Louboutin store on the first floor of Trang Tien Plaza, 24 Hai Ba Trung street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

Phone number: 024-3266-8502.

Following that, she will focus on negotiating with a famous luxury jewelry brand, which is in the top 10 Luxury Brand 2019 voted by Fox Business. A French fashion designer - Christian Louboutin - The brand founder, said: “The shoes are not merely a design, but also a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way your footsteps move will be determined by the shoes you wear.”


The brand founder - Christian Louboutin. Image: Vogue.

Louboutin shoe designs are suitable for both men and women, its average price from 650 USD, and the most expensive one is 6.000 USD. Besides the materials and the manual manufactured fees made by French artisans, the brand also has a solid position in the heart of the world's luxury fashion followers, which is a reason for their expensive price.