IPPG CEO as a speaker at CICON Hanoi 2022

23 - 12 - 2022

Recently, in Hanoi, the CICON Hanoi 2022 Convergence Cultural Urban Forum successfully took place in Hanoi with the theme "Economic cooperation to develop the Korean-Vietnamese urban cultural convergence industry".

The forum was co-organized by Korea CEO Summit (KCS) and Vietnam Urban Planning Development Association (VUPDA) on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Vietnam.

More than 400 Korean and Vietnamese delegates and businessmen shared on issues related to challenges and opportunities for economic cooperation and development between the two countries. In particular, the issue of economic cooperation to develop the urban cultural convergence industry was also concerned by the delegates. Ms. Le Hong Thuy Tien - CEO of Imex Pan Pacific Group (IPPG) is honored to be one of the important delegates of Vietnamese enterprises invited to speak at the Conference.

Ms. Thuy Tien shared, IPPG has been operating in Vietnam for more than 37 years, investing in many fields: duty-free business, non-aviation services, advertising, cosmetics, fashion, alcohol, etc. fast food, investment in airport management, trade center... IPPG is also a distributor in Vietnam with 108 world-class brands creating jobs for more than 20,000 employees. And in the IPPG's businesses are closely related to the cultural industries, especially the fashion business.

With the widespread popularity of the fields of K-pop, K-film or K-beauty in the Vietnamese market, and relying on the influence of Hallyu, Korea is taking its fashion industry to the next level. Korean fashion has made good use of that advantage to bring its brand out of the country, to the region and to the world. And the strength of the Korean cultural industry is not only fashion, it can be mentioned as the cosmetics industry, film, media and performance, food...

During the past 1 year, the cultural life of Vietnam has had many positive changes, especially in the development of the cultural industry, and the task of developing the cultural industry is associated with building and perfecting the market and culture. Therefore, in order for Vietnam's cultural industry to develop, CEO Le Hong Thuy Tien suggested: Vietnam needs to change its thinking and properly appreciate the soft power of the cultural industry. Culture is not merely the spirit of the people, but also the products that spread traditional cultural values to the world; The government should define industrialization as a growing domestic and export business that makes a big contribution to the country's GDP; Need to prepare the human resources foundation for this creative industry.

First of all, it is the training and attraction of local and foreign talents. Vietnam needs many local and foreign experts to participate in building a long-term strategic vision on cultural industry development; It is necessary to build professional entertainment and media companies to create favorable conditions for the socialization of performance activities. The state will act as the pedestal, entertainment companies will perform their specific roles. The role of 4.5 million overseas Vietnamese is also an important friendship bridge, contributing to enhancing the understanding of good culture, history, customs and traditions between Vietnam and other countries - other cultures in the world. The last thing is to create a solid legal corridor throughout, Vietnam needs a law to promote the cultural industry.

"Korean friends are big brothers. Please share with us the strategy that Korea becomes a developed economy, we will listen and learn. But on the contrary, listen to our needs in Vietnam and learn our culture, surely you can also learn some new things” – CEO Le Hong Thuy Tien shared.

The exchanges and sharing in this forum are an important part of the development of the two countries Vietnam - Korea. The relationship between Korea and Vietnam is very necessary in the region, Korea helps Vietnam develop and Vietnam is and will be an important strategic partner in the economic development of Korea.