CEO of ACFC be awarded the Red Star Award

09 - 11 - 2022

Louis Nguyen  (Nguyen Quoc Khanh) CEO of  ACFC, cum Vice President of Business Development of IPPG Group - was honored to be in the Top 10 Typical Young Vietnamese Entrepreneurs at the Red Star Award. 

On the evening of November 8, in Hanoi, the Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Union and the Central Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association held a ceremony to award the Red Star Award - Typical Vietnamese Young Entrepreneur in 2022. 

After two rounds of pre-qualification and final selection, the Organizing Committee of the Red Star Award - Typical Vietnamese Young Entrepreneur 2022 selected the Top 100 typical young entrepreneurs, in which the 10 most typical young entrepreneurs were awarded the award the Red Star in 2022.

Entrepreneur Louis Nguyen - Nguyen Quoc Khanh - General Director of ACFC Co., Ltd. with impressive achievements, was honored to win the Top 10 Red Star Awards. Entrepreneur Louis Nguyen succeeds in developing a mid-tier international fashion retail company with popular brands such as Nike, GAP, CK, Mango, Levis, Mother Care... with impressive annual revenue growth. also inspired in building corporate culture, investing in digital transformation of the retail industry, creating a strong advantage for the company. 

ACFC is a member of IPPG, the leading name in the fashion franchise business in Vietnam, surpassing other competitors in the market to bring the world's biggest brands to Vietnam. ACFC currently distributes more than 21 famous brands and has a system of more than 250 fashion retail stores in major city centers nationwide. 

ACFC with the management of Louis Nguyen, revenue has grown by USD 100 million in 2019. Two years of COVID-19. Despite many difficulties, ACFC has bounced back strongly with expected revenue of 150 million USD this year, one and a half times higher than before the epidemic and aims to become a 500 million USD enterprise in the next 5 years. Not stopping there, ACFC is exploring potential markets, the Company has expanded to Cambodia with famous international brands with promising goals.  

ACFC has also invested heavily in digital transformation strategies such as e-commerce, online shopping for brands, Salesforces - the world's No. 1 customer management software, enhancing customer experience with Big Data technology and Artificial intelligence (AI)…  

The Red Star Award - Typical Vietnamese Young Entrepreneurs has been implemented by the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association since 1999. This is an award honoring young entrepreneurs with outstanding achievements in production and business activities, are typical examples contributing to arousing the entrepreneurial spirit in Vietnamese youth.